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A global basketball learning community.

This webpage is aimed at creating a community aimed around building alliance and unity in the basketball world around a shared goal of development, with love at the foundation.

I am the founder and first student.

For all inquiries, please email me at

A Bit About Me

I'm a student-teacher of modern global basketball.

I am a basketball player and teacher. As I grow my game, I help other people do the same.

My journey has brought me all over the US, China, and Europe, and I've accomplished a lot of things. I dunked from behind the free throw line, spoke at Oxford, co-authored two major publications in Education, led a basketball academy, consulted a national basketball association, coached a team to a national championship, and then played my rookie season in the pros.

I believe in love. Not in a wishy-washy way - in the way that changes the world.

Right now I'm building my playing career, and processing my experience so others can purse their dreams, and surpass what they thought was capable of themselves.

The way I'm doing that is connecting ideas and people from all over to come up with things that can help everyone.

As of now I'm looking to connect with people in this lane and do cool stuff together. I also need more support to do the best work possible.
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